John Whaley

John Whaley

General Manager


There are over  20 composite decking brands in Australia, some with more than one product range so choosing can be difficult.  There are seven relevant factors in making a choice of composite decking

  1. Technology (2nd Generation vs Capped 3rd Generation);
  2. Hollow vs Solid;
  3. Width and Length of a Board;
  4. Thickness and Maximum Joist Span
  5. Profile and Installation Method
  6. Finish – woodgrain or matt or ribbed
  7. Colour

Technology, composite materials and whether boards are solid are hollow is relevant for the longevity of the decking boards, both in terms of integrity and look.

Board dimensions and the maximum joist span are relevant to installation. Choosing these factors can impact upon the cost and time of installation. Hence the relevance of installation method, which is usually a quick system that clips the boards in place.

The finish is clearly important in terms of how the deck looks and feels. Woodgrain finishes are popular as many people view composite decking as a timber alternative rather than a different form of outdoor flooring.

Finally colour, which remarkably is the most important factor for many. Mostly the choice is variations of greys and browns. Browns are mimicking timber whereas greys initially were based on weathered timber is now more a designer colour choice.

DECKER now sells direct from the warehouse two ranges of decking, 3nd generation  co-extruded or capped DECKER PROTECT and a new  co-extruded plastic composite PERLABOARD.

DECKER only sells quality solid boards.

DECKER Boards are 140mm wide, 23mm or 24mm thick with 450mm maximum joist span.

DECKER standard boards from stock are generally 3.6m long, but we can “manufacture to order” a custom length up to 5.8m for any project over 40 square metres.

DECKER uses an easy efficient invisible clip system.

Each board has two finishes, woodgrain on one side, matt or sanded on the other.

DECKER PROTECT has five standard colours and PERLABOARD  seven standard plus three extra colours.

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