DECKER PROTECT- New Range of Co-Extruded Decking

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Co-extrusion technology has been applied to wood plastic composites to produce a durable no stain, no fade board surface.

The manufacturing process bonds an outer protective layer to the wood plastic composite  core and the woodgrain pattern is then embossed through the outer layer into the core.

This is the 3rd generation of wood plastic composite decking, and addresses the minor fading in sunlight over the first six months of the 2nd generation uncapped composite decking. Whilst the manufacturing process is more complicated, and therefore more expensive, the effective life of the installed look of the decking has been extended markedly.  As usual you get what you pay for, but DECKER PROTECT is only some 15% more expensive than the 2nd generation DECKER DESIGN range. If you are building a deck and want long term good looks without maintenance, then consider paying the extra which is


DECKER Protect Co-Extruded Composite Decking in amazing colours

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