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Co-extruded composite decking range and new branding.

Yes, from 1 July 2018 DECKER has new branding. This new branding reflects the part of the business improvement that has been undertaken since the business was bought by Venture Products in early 2017.

Our brand image is quality products supported by expert advice and customer focussed service.

The new branding was developed by Steven Arnold of ICONIKA, an award -winning branding expert.  Whilst most competitors in the composite decking space focus on timber colours, or alternatively the green environmental angle; our bold red, which is called Iron Oxide – reflecting the “red centre” of Australian icons like Ayers Rock and the Kimberleys.  The platform upon which the name sits is reflective of the outdoor platforms or decks that we are helping customers to build. It is extendable, to allow usage in many different ways.

BRINGING INDOOR SPACES OUTDOORS reflects our commitment and belief that decking is really outdoor flooring for the outdoor living space – and composite decking allows colours and textures to be selected that is consistent with indoor outdoor design and colour scheme without additional painting or staining.

As part of the development of the new brand, we have introduced a new latest technology range of decking – co-extruded or capped decking which is resistant to fading and staining. A wood plastic composite core is bonded to on outer polyolefin layer with a woodgrain or matte finish.  The surfaces are finally brushed to give a realistic wood look, not plastic.  We have named our range DECKER PROTECT.  Whilst this is slightly more expensive than the existing DECKER DESIGN range, the no fade no stain qualities reflect a valuable improvement in the product and its useability.

We have selecting five initial colours, and adopted a somewhat risky approach by naming those colours after Norse Gods –  we have moved away from using Timber names for colours; our product is not timber, we think  it is better and more versatile so our names reflect this, much as paint colour names mostly don’t mention a specific colour…..

Our new range is illustrated below.


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