Our composite decking pricing is transparent and we are happy to provide you with a detailed quote.
Indicative costs for boards, inclusive of GST are as follows:

  • DECKER Design Range (six colours) – $100 per square meter
  • DECKER Protect Range (five colours) – $120 per square meter

Invisiclip fittings including screws are roughly $ 7 per square meter including GST.

Delivery costs are determined based upon location, quantity and whether delivery by crane truck is required, but start at around $100 for Sydney and Brisbane metropolitan areas , slightly more for the rest of NSW, Queensland and ACT. We may be less competitive for delivery to Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Notwithstanding, we can deliver anywhere in Australia, including regional areas.

Volume discounts are available for significant orders, starting for orders greater than 30 square metres and for regular Trade Buyers.

Pricing Comparison with Competitors

It is important when comparing products and pricing to ensure comparisons are on a like for like basis. This is why we quote prices on a square meter basis, so that different board lengths and widths do not distort any comparison.

A special case is the market leader, MODWOOD, where you really need to understand the cost of boards plus clips to get a true comparison.

In addition, our pricing for DECKER Design is for a 25mm thick board which is one of the thickest standard composite decking boards on the market, so our price delivers strength for 450mm joist spacing, whereas competitor products may not.

Our Business Model

We are experts in wood plastic composite decking, and we only sell wood plastic composite decking.

If you are looking for decking, whether you are an architect/designer, a builder or developer, or even a residential home owner; there are still three distinct choices as to where to go for advice, pricing and delivery.

  1. You could go through a retailer, like Bunnings, to get options for timber and composite decking – for any significant volume the process is order and arrange delivery.
  2. You could go through a timber merchant, who knows timber and to a lesser extent composite decking
  3. The third option, go to the wholesaler direct, like DECKER, discuss your needs, establish your requirements, determine stock and lead times, order and arrange delivery.

Our business model is based upon the fact that we only sell wood plastic composite products, not timber. So, we can offer detailed advice that may not be forthcoming from a third party reseller.

We will be objective; we want sales but we also want satisfied customers, so we know there are circumstances where firm colour or board width or length requirements are better served by a competitive alternative. Our colours, board width (140mm) and board length (3.6m) have been chosen deliberately to meet the market’s needs!

And, we are responsive, we can add to your desired outdoor living space with screening, decorative laths or fascia boards.